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Planned maintenance.

We are currently in the process of transferring the main pages.

This means that all information pages, the blog and landing pages can be opened much faster.



How can i access my account?

The swop accommodation exchange and account pages will be temporarily housed on

These will also be transferred to the new system in the near future.


Will i keep my credits?

Offcourse! With this transition you will keep your credits, accommodation, membership plan and requists.


‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ㅤ will be available later today. With a more indept update and future plans log.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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  1. Travel to other accommodations and stay for free.
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  3. Meet other establishment owners and get inspired.
  4. Learn from other members of the SwopYourStay community.

  5. Fill the empty beds in your own accommodation.
  6. By letting other members stay in your property you will earn credits.

  7. Treat your staff, family and friends on free holidays.
  8. You decide how you spend your earned credits.

  9. Enjoy free marketing promotions.
  10. Your accommodation is featured on our website, social media, newsletters and other marketing promotions.

  11. Travel the world.
  12. Being part of Swop Your Stay allows you to travel the world. Invite a friend and start exploring together!

What's holding you back?

The possibilites.

Travel to locations all around the globe.

By joining the SwopYourStay community you get the opportunity to stay at various locations all over the world for nothing more than your own credits.

Experience and stay at the most beautiful accommodations you can imagine.

All the options.

Experience amazing accommodations for free.

Being a member of SwopYourStay makes it possible for you to stay at the accommodations of other members while other members can stay at your accommodation, only by Swopping credits.


Villa Sabandari

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De Zeeboer

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The perfect match.

Filter, search and find your perfect vacation break.

Find the perfect accommodation for your own break, for your staff or family at a scala of destinations.

You can choose a city break, a break surrounded by nature in your own country or at a place you always wanted to go to. You can filter on the things that you find important to find the perfect match for you!

Highlighted destinations.

Explore all the destinations that are available today.

Being part of the largest hospitality community in the world gives you the opportunity to explore all the available destinations.

More destinations coming soon.

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